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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can't I have my order delivered on a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday?

    Plants in general are very sensitive to heat and cold. We ship all of our packages using FedEx Priority Overnight to make sure that your greenery spends as little time in a box as possible.

    Unfortunately, FedEx Priority Overnight shipments do not get delivered on Sundays. This means if you were to schedule a delivery date for Monday, the package would be shipped out Saturday and spend all day in a box on Sunday before it eventually arrives to you on Monday.

    We also do not do Saturday deliveries as they are risky for time-sensitive deliveries. For example, if you're event is on a Saturday and you request a delivery date for the same day, we would ship Friday, but any delay by the shipping carrier would ultimately end up in you not receiving your greenery in time, effectively making the purpose of your greenery useless. This is a bad situation for all parties involved and why we recommend you select a delivery date at least 2 days before your scheduled event.

    If you absolutely need your greenery delivered on a Saturday, please message us directly at with your name, order number, and desired delivery date. An extra fee of $25 per box will need to be assessed to cover surcharges from the shipping carrier for Saturday deliveries. By selecting a Satruday date, you also understand the risks mentioned above and will not be eligible for a refund if your product does not arrive on time or arrives in poor condition.

    Since we are committed to ensuring your greenery is received by you with quality, we do not schedule delivery dates for Sundays or Mondays.